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Reliable, low cost GPS irrigation monitoring...

...your field is as close as your phone!

Ag-Alert provides reliable, low-cost agricultural equipment monitoring to Southwest Kansas. Our unique combination of monitoring devices, radio/cell communication system, and phone/text alarm notification service provides you with 24/7/365 assurance that your critical irrigation equipment is up and running.

GPS reporting - View end tower location, water pressure, days per circle and direction of travel at a glance.

Alarm notification - Clients are notified by text or phone call of pivot failures or low water pressure and angle alerts, plus end tower overwater alarms.

Saves Money - No expensive monitoring equipment to own. No updates or repairs. All you need is a telephone.

Saves Time - Our 24 hour a day reliable monitoring will free up your valuable time. Reduce downtime by identifying problems quickly.

Saves Miles - Don't drive - check your wells from anywhere. Check the status of all your wells with one simple phone/web check from anywhere.

Flexible, Efficient and Reliable

Any type old or new
Monitor location and water pressure...
...with one low cost!

What Our Customers are saying:

We have AG-ALERT on 7 sandy circles, and our down time was cut dramatically. Over the course of the season our irrigation coverage was much better, resulting in better yields.

One of our sprinklers is short of water, the other has two wells on a half mile system, either way we can't afford to be off. AG-ALERT gives us peace of mind on both.

What I like about AG-ALERT, is I can plan my morning because I know what systems are down.

We save about 60 miles just by eliminating one trip a day. That gives us two to three hours of extra time each day."